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We begin in the Middle

Greetings dear Reader,

Do you ever wake up from a stray thought, and take stock of your surroundings and wonder to yourself, “How did I get here? Is this life who I am? What IS this odd world around me anyway? Why is life the way it is?”

Now, image that happening for every person in the world.  Expand that to every person in human history.  We are not alone in these questions. We are united. The natural state of human life is all about ‘beginning in the middle’. We weren’t around at the dawn of time or the birth of life, but here we are, looking before and after using our capabilities of large discourse, wondering how, why, what, where, who, when, it all came to be.

Isn’t it peculiar that we live in a world with translucent fish and dinosaur bones? Isn’t it odd that we go through our days and our lives following the narrow paths that have been set before us largely by our country’s society, our parents, and our lineage? The momentum of lives before us, sweeping us onward, but to where? Isn’t it fascinating that we build monuments to the mythologies of our forbearers, yet leave the mythologies of others largely ignored?

And here we are; eyes open, mind awake, standing in the middle of it all.  Wondering…

To wonder, is both to be filled with admiration, amazement and awe, as well as to think or speculate curiously. It is one of my favorite experiences in live. It is the mountain peak of an epiphany of perspective that I crave to dwell on. Yet the current pulls us downward…

Have you ever wondered why things feel old or unexciting? Have you ever caught yourself ignoring a sunset and wondered why? Has the ‘thing’ lost the value it once had? I propose that our brains function in favoring new stimuli over well recorded inputs. Our brains are wondrous chemical machine, but we can be more than the inclinations of cerebral patterns. We can chose to focus, to change perspective, to stop,

The world can be as fresh and wondrous as your first sunset, your first kiss, or your first video game, if only we take the moment to realize that the world hasn’t faded or dulled. Our brains store information differently the first time we see something versus the fortieth time.  The majesty of the sunset over Delicate Arch is no less miraculous, it’s us. Or more accurately, it is the chemical machine we pilot.

Take time to ponder about the internal world you live in, as well as the external one. Life is a spectacular mystery and the only way to unravel it, is consciously.

Just like us, the heroes of Dark & Day, and the very point of the series, is that they begin in the middle. They wake up to a world so full of high fantasy and greasy sci-fi that is as natural to them as it is exotic and exciting for us. I am writing this series with the earnest intend of sharing the values, wonder, questions and joy that I have had seeded in me through the stories of others, through the veil of a world in the middle of a mystery, in the middle of a history of triumph and tragedy, in the middle of growing up from child to adult.

We all begin in the middle of something astonishing, and then have to find our way through it. It’s not easy. It’s not clear. But it is the most phenomenal experience known in the universe – powerfully creative, thoughtful and capable beings looking inward and out at the universe, to wonder…

There are magnificent secrets lurking in the corner of the mind and the world, where the dullness obscures them from our sight. Wonder boldly about yourself, the world, and everything in reality and fiction.

Choose to wonder